COVID-19 Update

Servicing Stop COVID-19 Update – We remain open for you

The last few weeks have seen tremendous challenges and changes throughout the UK. We have all felt this impact and uncertainty but also the spirit and courage of everyday people maintaining frontline services and essential needs.

As one of the industries that the Government has mandated to remain active during the pandemic, we are aware of the vital role we have in keeping the UK’s motorists moving and that they have access to quality servicing and repairs ensuring that their vehicle is roadworthy and reliable.

This is even more essential with the announcement of an extension of 6 months for all MOT’s expiring on or after the 30th of March 2020, we will all need to make journeys over the coming weeks and months and Servicing Stop with its dedicated network will remain open so that you and your vehicle are safe with any service or repair needs.

Over this period, we would ask motorists to remember a safe car on the road is better than 6 months grace, don’t risk having a dangerous vehicle on the road for everyone's sake and ensure regular maintenance and servicing.

You can be rest assured that we are dedicated to keeping you mobile with our offer of contact free collection and delivery processes, the ability to book online, call our team and pay online to give you peace of mind with no need to leave your home.

Servicing Stop has invested heavily in preparing our staff and network to provide a secure environment to work in whilst following advice from the Government to continue to provide first class support to all our customers.

For more information on businesses that are designated to remain open or to read the latest Government release on MOT changes during COVID-19 please see the links below;

Together let's make sure our roads remain safe!

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